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Porto Inglês, is a city in the southwestern part of the island of Maio in southeastern Cape Verde. It is the main urban settlement of the island, and also seat of the Maio Municipality.

The city is still (colloquially) known by its old name, Porto Inglês (Portuguese for "English port" in which was founded, Cape Verdean Creole: Port’ Inglês), in opposition of the older Porto Português (present day Calheta).

The city is the 14th largest city in Cape Verde after Picos. Vila do Maio is linked with the island's highway serving to the eastern and the northern portions of the island especially to Pedro Vaz and Morrinho. Vila do Maio has a nice port serving ferry routes only to the island of Santiago with Praia. The terrain around Maio is made up of forests in the northern part and the dry island desert dominates the rest of the area around Maio. A small salt marsh is situated to the northwest.

The mountains including a view of Monte Batalha dominates the northwest.

The population has doubled between 1990 and 2005. The GDP for the city is between low and middle range and living standards are between low and moderate.

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