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Sister cities of Shizuoka, Shizuoka

Shizuoka (静岡市 Shizuoka-shi) is the capital city of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, and the prefecture's second-largest city in terms of both population and area. It has been populated since prehistoric times.

The city's name is made up of two kanji, 静—shizu, meaning "still" or "calm"; and 岡—oka, meaning "hill(s)". In 1869, Shizuoka Domain was first created out of the older Sunpu Domain, and that name was retained when the city was incorporated in 1885. In 2003, Shizuoka merged with Shimizu City (now Shimizu Ward), briefly becoming the largest city by land area in Japan. In 2005, it became one of Japan's "designated cities".

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