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Sister cities of San Marcos, Carazo

San Marcos is a municipality in the Carazo Department of Nicaragua. It is located at 45 kilometres (28 mi) south from the capital, Managua, and has a population of around 30,600 inhabitants.

San Marcos has wonderful weather that enables the production of coffee and a large variety of tropical flowers and fruits. San Marcos' inhabitants are a Catholic majority, a heritage of the Spaniard Colonization. They are fervent followers of the Spaniard Catholic Traditions. For example, the most notorious festivity, where many people gather every year, is the celebration of their Patron San Marcos. San Marcos' Catholic Parish Church, in the middle of the town square, is a legacy of the Spaniard influence, as could be seen in its construction and designs.

The town of Concord, Massachusetts, United States, is a sister-city to San Marcos.

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