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Sister cities of Río Cuarto, Córdoba

Río Cuarto is a city in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. Located in the south of the province, it has about 144,000 inhabitants (2001 census [INDEC]) and is an important commercial and agricultural hub. It was founded on November 11, 1786, as "Villa de la Concepción del Río Cuarto," by the then-Governor Rafael de Sobremonte.

Río Cuarto River flows through the province of Córdoba; its central location in the Humid Pampas favored the city's development as a transport hub for much of the surrounding agriculture, and numerous abbatoirs and food processing plants opened in Río Cuarto during the twentieth century.

The National University of Río Cuarto, established in 1971, is located here. The city's football teams include Estudiantes and Atenas.

Río Cuarto hosted the International Biology Olympiad in 2006. The Río Cuarto craters, a group of geologically unusual impact craters, are located nearby. The city's UN/LOCODE is ARRCU.

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