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Narva-Jõesuu (German: Hungerburg, Russian: Усть-Нарва Ust'-Narva) is a town in Ida-Viru County, Estonia, located on the country's northern Baltic Sea coast near the Russian border. The name of the town in Estonian and Russian means "mouth of the Narva River".

Narva-Jõesuu has a population of 2,602 (as of 1 January 2010). As in the nearby city of Narva, most residents today are Russian or Russian-speaking, although the percentage of native Estonians is slightly higher in Narva-Jõesuu (13% compared to 4% in Narva).

Narva-Jõesuu is located at the north-eastern end of the E9 European Coastal Path, which runs for 5000 km (3125 miles) from Cabo de São Vicente in Portugal.

Narva-Jõesuu flag and coat of arms were designed and approved in the mid-1990s by the chairman of the local government Pavel Grigorjev. The gold strips of land on the image symbolise Estonian and Russian coasts on both sides along the Narva River and the blue area symbolises its iconic mouth.

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