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Sister cities of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir

Mirpur (Urdu: مِيرپُور) is the capital and largest city of Mirpur district and one of the largest cities in the part of the state of Jammu Kashmir administered by Pakistan. Since Mirpur adjoins the northern plains of the Punjab, the climate is quite hot during the summer times. The city itself has gone through a process of modernization while most of the surrounding area remains agricultural. Mirpur is known for its grand buildings and large bungalow-houses primarily funded through its ex-pat community mainly which is resident in the United Kingdom. Mirpur is also known as "Dusra England" because of high population of people living in England lives here. The main crop cultivated during spring is millet. However, there are places where other crops such as wheat, maize and vegetables are also grown. The production of electricity, through Mangla Dam makes this district somewhat unique in the entire region which provides energy needs for Azad Kashmir and Northern Punjab province much to the consternation of the locals which typically leads to unannounced energy blackouts.

A significant portion of the population is settled in England (UK) – mostly in the Bradford. For this reason Mirpur is sometimes known as "Little England". Many products from the UK are found in this city.

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