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Makeni is the fourth largest city in Sierra Leone (after Freetown, Bo and Kenema) and the largest city and economic center of the Northern Province. Makeni is the capital and administrative center of Bombali District. The city lies approximately 137 kilometers (85 miles) east of Freetown. Makeni is a major commercial, educational, tranportational and economic center. The city had a population of 80,840 in the 2004 census and a current estimate of 112,489[2].

The city is home to the University of Makeni, the largest private university in Sierra Leone [3]. Makeni is home to the St. Francis Secondary School, one of the most prominent secondary schools in Sierra Leone and is widely known for producing some of Sierra Leone's most gifted students.

The population of Makeni is ethnically diverse, though the Temne people make up the majority of the population. The Krio language is used as the primary language of communication among the different ethnic groups in the city, though the Temne language is also widely understood in the city.

Makeni is one of Sierra Leone's six municipalities and is governed by a directly elected city council, headed by a mayor, in whom executive authority is vested. The mayor is responsible for the general management of the city.

Football is by far the most popular sport in the city. The Sierra Leone professional football club the Wusum Stars, that is based in Makeni, represent the city in the Sierra Leone National Premier League.

Makeni is the hometown of Sierra Leone's president Ernest Bai Koroma, as he was born and raised in the city. Like most parts of Northern Sierra Leone, Makeni is a reliable political stronghold of the ruling All People's Congress (APC) political party. The city votes by an overwhelming majority for the APC in presidential, parliamentary and city council elections.

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