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Mödling is the capital of the Austrian district of the same name located approximately 14 km south of Vienna.

The settlement dates back to the Neolithic. Through the centuries, the name of the town evolved from Medilihha to Medelikch, Medling and, finally, Mödling. These names traces back to old Slavic meaning 'slowly running water'. Today there is a quaint old town with a pedestrian area. The town was the residence of a branch of the Babenberger family, as a result of which it received the nickname Babenbergerstadt ('Town of the Babenbergers').

Mödling lies in Niederösterreich's industrial zone. The Mödlingbach, a brook which rises in the Wienerwald, flows through the town. Near Achau it joins with the Schwechat. Woodland occupies a large part of the municipality, part of the Föhrenberge ('Pine Mountains').

Located immediately south of Vienna, and within the boundaries of the district of Mödling, is one of the largest shopping centres in Europe: Shopping City Süd (SCS). It opened in 1976, and occupies an area of approximately 270,000 m². There are more than 330 shops, employing some 4500 staff.

The SCS offers 10,000 parking spaces, and attracts customers not only from Austria, but also from various other Central European countries, such as Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia. In 2004, the SCS had about 25 million customers.

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