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Sister cities of Grandes-Piles, Quebec

Grandes-Piles is a village municipality in the Mauricie region of the province of Quebec in Canada.

This small village is located on a cliff of the Saint-Maurice River north of Grand-Mère. As the birthplace of the log drives in the Mauricie, it has an interpretive centre of the forest industry. The reopening of the river for recreational boating made it a favorite spot for water sports and sailing. In winter, the frozen river and snowy cliffs become a vast area for winter sports.

The name of Grandes-Piles (literally "large piles") has uncertain origin. One of the best-known but false explanations is that it referred to a stack of logs entanglement on the rocks of the Saint-Maurice that inspired the early settlers. Another explanation claims that it referred to the large rocks used by the indigenous Americans to grind grain. It may also refer to the stack of stratums, horizontal sedimentary layers that are exposed in this part of the Mauricie.

It is twinned with the city of Clamecy, Nièvre in France since 1996.

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