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Sister cities of Fraiburgo

Fraiburgo (nicknamed Frai ) is a Brazilian city located in the countryside of the Santa Catarina state. The city is strongly influenced by European immigrants, especially Germans and Italians. However, other nationalities also contributed to the formation of the city's character in terms of e.g.: architecture, gastronomy, religion and economy, amongst other factors. Its multiculturality is a remarkable characteristic not exclusively attributed to Fraiburgo but many other Southern Brazilian towns.

The city is famous in Brazil for the large production of apples which its plantation is favored by the low temperatures in the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere that takes place in July, August and September. Depending on the period of the year tourists can experience first-hand the whole apple production cycle as well other products made from apple such as: cider, juices, snacks and so forth.

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