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Elâzığ (Turkish pronunciation: [eˈlazɯː]; Armenian: Խարբերդ; Kh'arberd/Harput, Kurdish: Elezîz/Xarpêt, Syriac: ܟܪܦܘܬ; Kharpūṭ/Ḥarfūṭ) is a city in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey and the administrative center of Elâzığ Province. It is located in the uppermost Euphrates valley. The plain on which the city extends has an altitude of 1067 metres. Elâzığ resembles an inland peninsula surrounded by the natural Lake Hazar and reservoirs of Keban Dam, Karakaya Dam, Kralkızı and Özlüce.

Elâzığ initially developed in 1834 as an extension of the historic city of Harput, which was situated on a hill and difficult to access in winter.

Gakgos, which means brother in the local dialect, is also a nickname for the people of Elâzığ. The football team Elâzığspor competing in the top flight is also nicknamed as "Gakgoslar" by the national media.

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