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Sister cities of Eger

Eger is also the German name for the Czech town of Cheb and for the Ohře river.

Eger (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈɛɡɛr]; German: Erlau; Turkish: Eğri; Latin: Agria; Polish: Jagier; Slovak: Jáger; Slovene: Jager; Czech: Jager; Serbian: Jegar/Jerpa/Jegra/Jerap; Croatian: Jegar/Jerpa/Jegra/Jerap) is the county seat of Heves, and the second largest city in Northern Hungary (after Miskolc). Eger is best known for its castle, thermal baths, historic buildings (including the northernmost Turkish minaret), dishes and red wines. It has an estimated population of 56,530 as of 2011, which makes it 19th largest city in Hungary. The city is located on the Eger Stream, on the hills of the Bükk Mountains.

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