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Sister cities of Durango, Durango

Durango (Tepehuan: Korian), officially Victoria de Durango and also known as Ciudad de Durango, is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Durango. It stands at an altitude of 1,880 metres (6,170 ft).

The city was founded on July 8, 1563 by Spanish Basque explorer Francisco de Ibarra. During the Spanish colonial era the city was the capital of the Nueva Vizcaya province of New Spain, which consisted mostly of the present day states of Durango and Chihuahua.

In the 2005 census the city had a population of 463,830 people. According to the results presented in the Second Census of Population and Housing in 2005, the township has a total of 526.659 inhabitants. It serves as municipal seat of Durango Municipality which had a population of 526,659 with a projected population of 631,712 by 2010. The municipality has a relatively large land area of 10,041 km² (3,877 sq mi) and includes such outlying communities as El Nayar and Cinco de Mayo.

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