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Sister cities of Canoinhas

Canoinhas is a Brazilian city, in the north plateau of the State of Santa Catarina. Its latitude is 26°10'38" South, its longitude is 50°23'24" West, and its altitude is 839 meters. The population was estimated in 2004 at 52,648 inhabitants.

The area of the city is 1143.6 square kilometers.

The city's economy primarily depends on agriculture and logging.

The city is also known worldwide as the world capital of Erva Mate, a herb used in a traditional drink called chimarrao, the herb Illex Paraguariensis has been a main export of the region for quite some time.

The people of Canoinhas are mainly German-Brazilians, some of the most well-known families are the Kellners, the Fucks, the Wolffs, among others.

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